Why Vivid Lawn?

High-Quality Lawn Care at an Affordable Price

Who are we?

Vivid Lawn offers environmentally-friendly lawn care programs in Delaware County, Chester County, and northern Delaware.  We specialize in fertilization and weed control, tree and shrub care, and pest control. Our senior management team has over 50 years of lawn care experience in the local Delaware Valley area. We’re proud of the work that we do, and we are deeply invested in the communities we serve.


We’re Gardeners at Heart

Lawns are a lot like gardens. Just like good gardeners, we pay close attention to seasonal changes that affect the lawn, and we take our cues from nature. We recognize that nature’s unsightly aspects, such as pesky weeds and critters, can be tamed but not completely controlled. Strong, healthy, weed-resistant lawns are cultivated over time with great care and dedication. That’s why we’re determined to provide the best care possible to your personal garden oasis.


We’re Good Neighbors

Our whole team lives and works in the Delaware Valley, and many of us spent our childhoods playing on local lawns. We treat every customer like a close friend or family member because many of our customers actually are. We’re dedicated to the communities we work in. We do not cut corners, and we stand by the quality of our service and our word to customers.


We’re Environmentally Conscious

We want our grand kids to have the same opportunity to run around barefoot on lush, green lawns as we did, so we take environmental impact very seriously. We use fully organic fertilizers, and we only apply the minimum amount of herbicides necessary.

Learn more about our approach to lawn care at Penn State's Extension for Turfgrass and Lawn Care.