Core Aeration & Overseeding 

Fall is the BEST time to Aerate and Overseed.

Build a lusher, denser turf with year-round benefits.

Lawn Care Services - Core Aeration & Overseeding

What is Core Aeration and Overseeding?

Keeping your lawn looking lush and green all year is a battle against nature. The key to a healthy lawn is to develop a strong root system below the surface, which requires regular rounds of Aeration and Overseeding.

Core Aeration creates holes throughout your lawn by pulling up small soil plugs (called “cores”) and thatch (the layer of dead turf grass on top of the soil). Removing these cores relieves soil compaction, instantly increasing the amount of water and oxygen that’s available to your root system. 

Overseeding is the process of planting new grass seed onto your existing turf; this process is a simple “hack” that golf course managers have long since used to keep their turf in top condition. It has the most benefits for lawns with thinning grass, disease, and invasive species, as it introduces new grass types that combat disease and reduce weeds.

When should you aerate and overseed?

The best time for aeration and overseeding is NOW - late summer and through fall. The onset of cooler, dryer air stimulates growth, to establish new grass in time for late fall.  


Top Benefits of Aeration & Seeding

  • Eliminate weeds and crabgrass

  • Loosen and de-compact your soil

  • Improve root development

  • Increase water retention

  • Fills in the bare spots to create a thicker, greener lawn


What to Expect

The aeration process will leave soil plugs spread across the surface of your lawn. Don’t worry about removing these! Over the next one to three weeks, they will break down naturally, filtering back into the holes from the aeration machine. Mowing your lawn will also help break up the plugs and integrate them back into the soil. 

The result? Now that more oxygen, water, and nutrients can penetrate deep into the soil and down to the root zone, new and deeper roots will begin to form. In around 35-45 days you’ll begin to see sprouts as new grass growth that will continue through the season. 

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Is it time to Aerate and Seed?

Your lawn gets heavy use from children or pets, which creates compacted soil.

Your lawn is suffering from a buildup of weeds, brown patches, or disease.

Your lawn has a “spongy” feel and dries out easily, which indicates a thatch problem.

Your home is part of a newly constructed property, where top soil is often stripped.

Your lawn was established through sod and soil layering which creates a poorly-developed root system.