Spotted Lanternfly Control

Spotted Lanternfly Program

The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive species that was first observed in Pennsylvania in 2014. This year there have been reports of infestations throughout the southeastern part of the state. The insects they destroy trees, shrubs, and agricultural crops, laying eggs in the fall that will hatch come spring. Learn More.


Vivid Lawn offers a 4-step Spotted Lanternfly Program using a specific insecticide that has been proven effective in reducing the species. Although the early research shows that insecticide is effective, we cannot guarantee that they will be completely eliminated from your property. Our goal with the Spotted Lanternfly Program is to reduce the number of insects, which will decrease the number of eggs laid and ultimately help prevent the spread of the infestation to neighboring counties and states.

Are there Spotted Lanternflies in your area?

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The following information is provided by The Pennsylvania State University: 

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