Lawn Care Tip: A spring application that's high in Nitrogen builds proteins that develop a stronger grass blade and root structure for the season. 

Bio-Nutritional Rejuvenator

We'll apply a slow-release organic fertilizer that establishes a healthy root system for the year. 

We’ll also apply a pre-emergent control formula to prevent difficult weeds (like crabgrass) from germinating.

Lawn Care Tip: The right fertilizer will increase microbial activity in your soil, supporting healthy grass growth and gradually thickening your lawn

Bio-Nutritional Root Stimulant

We'll apply a natural fertilizer that increases soil microbial activity, and gradually thickens your lawn.

We’ll also micro-spot treat for weeds.

Bio-Nutritional Supplement

We’ll apply a bio-nutritional fertilizer that will prepare the grass to withstand the hotter, dryer weather.

We’ll also micro-spot treat for weeds.

Lawn Care Tip: Micro-spot treating for weeds helps manage invasive species while minimizing the amount of environmental impact. 

Local, bio-nutritional lawn care starts here.

Lawn Care Tip: Symptoms of grub damage include scattered dead patches that can be rolled back easily. 

Grubs live beneath the surface of some lawns, feeding on the roots and damaging your grass.

We’ll apply a grub control formula to prevent these pests from feeding on the root system and destroying your lawn.

Grub Prevention

Lawn Care Tip: Dry weather, hot temps, & ongoing foot traffic can be stressful for your lawn, allowing weeds, bare spots, and bugs to creep in.

Bio-Nutritional Heat Relief

We'll apply a fertilizer that supplies all the key nutrients necessary for heat relief.

This supports beneficial microorganism growth in the soil and allows for chlorophyll production to transfer to the roots.


Lawn Care Tip: Aerate and overseed your lawn once a year in the Fall to reduce soil compaction and fill in any bare spots.

Bio-Nutritional Recovery Feed

We’ll apply a bio-nutritional fertilizer that promotes lawn growth and provides nutrients to build a healthy root system.

We’ll also micro-spot treat any problem areas for weed control.

Lawn Care Tip: Rake up any leaves regularly (once a week) to prevent damage to the lawn underneath and to allow your lawn care company access to the grass. 

Lime Application

During this visit, we’ll add a lime supplement, which reduces the acidity of the soil and balances out the pH.

This will help your lawn absorb nutrients more effectively and grow fuller as a result. 

Lawn Care Tip: Don’t allow anyone to park their car or truck on your lawn. Even the lightest vehicle will compact the soil and damage the grass underneath. 

Bio-Nutritional Root Preserver

We'll apply a "winterizer" fertilizer that provides higher levels of potassium that will supply critical nutrients over the winter months. 

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