• Alexis LaScala

Early Spring Means Early Weeds

Preparing for Application #1: Bio-Nutritional Rejuvenator – Early Spring

What’s the Weather Doing Right now?

Your lawn is waking up from winter dormancy with an appetite. Now is the time you don’t want to miss to fertilize your lawn. You may also be starting to see signs of weeds popping up. Spring is the ideal time to start your offensive strategy against weeds, crabgrass, and clover.

What Are We Doing About It?

A slow release, environmentally friendly fertilizer will create a strong and healthy root system to carry it through the year. During Round 1 we’ll apply an organic fertilizer that protects the environment without sacrificing results. Our spring application is high in nitrogen to build proteins to develop a stronger blade and root structure for the season. We’ll also apply a pre-emergent weed and crabgrass control formula that prevents crabgrass from germinating.

How Can You Help?

Spring is the best time to evaluate your entire property. Do you have trees and shrubs that need maintenance? Is there evidence of any insects or pests around your home that could become a bigger problem if left untreated? Think of your property as its own “micro-ecosystem”, where each type of plant, tree, and shrub influences the others, as they each come in and out of season. If you see any lawn issues as the snow melts and your grass is visible once again, give us a call to discuss. Watering your springtime lawn typically isn’t necessary in the northeast, as snow and ice melt keep the soil hydrated.

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