• Alexis LaScala

Spring Lawn Care: Bio-Nutritional Fertilizer and Weed Control (Vivid Lawn Round 2)

What's your lawn up to right now?

As the weather gets warmer, and the days longer, your lawn needs more nutrients to develop a healthy root system under the soil. With the chances of any frost behind us, this is an ideal time of year for encouraging fuller, healthier growth and a brighter color for your lawn.

How are we helping?

By providing your root system with the proper nutrition as it continues to grow, we will help the lawn reach its full potential. During Round 2, we apply a 100% natural fertilizer that increases soil microbial activity, supporting healthy grass growth and gradually thickening your lawn. We’ll also micro-spot treat for weeds.

How can you help us "partner with nature"?

Think of your lawn like a garden that needs the ideal conditions to thrive. Check your lawn’s saturation levels. If dry, this is the time to start watering or turn on the sprinkler system. Be on the lookout for problem areas (bare spots or disease), and give us a call with any questions.

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