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Your Spring Lawn: Round 3 - Fertilizer, Weed Control, and Grub Control (double application)

What’s the Weather Doing Right Now?

Now, more than ever, we are spending time outside in our yards enjoying the warmer weather. Your lawn should be looking green and lush with enough rainfall from the spring combined with ongoing fertilization. This is the time of the year where weeds will start to become a challenge, so applying an ongoing weed control formula is important to keep your grass full and healthy.

Now's also a critical time to get Grub Control into your soil.

  • Grubs are the larvae of beetles, and they live beneath the surface of some lawns, feeding on the root system and damaging your grass.

  • Symptoms of grub damage include a gradual thinning of your lawn, despite watering, and scattered dead patches that can be rolled back easily.

  • High populations of grubs can attract a host of critters to your property, including raccoons, skunks and crows.

Vivid Lawn's grub control treatment treats and reduces the grub population on your property. It's meant to gradually break down until the weather gets cooler, when it’s time for grubs to burrow deep into the soil.

For your Round 3 application, we’ll apply a bio-nutritional fertilizer that will prepare the grass to withstand hotter weather. During this visit, we’ll also apply grub control to prevent these pests from feeding on the root system and destroying your lawn.(*For Customers, please note that this is a double-application visit, and you will see this reflected on your printed invoice.) As usual we’ll also spot treat for weeds during this application.

How Can You Help?

Mowing: Now’s the time to start raising your lawn mower blades so your grass doesn’t get “scalped” and burnt in the later spring and summer sun. The height should be about an inch taller in summer than in the spring and fall. Make adjustments gradually and remove only one-third of the total grass blade length at a time. Cutting more than one-third of the blade length at a time can weaken the grass and slow root growth. Keeping a consistent mowing schedule is also helpful for lawn health. Watering: Check your lawn’s saturation levels, and if dry, this is the time to start watering, or turn on the sprinkler system. Early morning is the best time to water, followed by late afternoon. Avoid watering during peak heat and sunlight as it damages the grass. Be on the lookout for any problem areas (bare spots or disease), and give us a call with any questions.

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